Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Kings Head, Huddersfield

Sunday 11th November saw us return to one of our favorite venues in Huddersfield and what a day!!
After setting all the gear up and feeling (as always) a little apprehensive and the crowd building nicely inside and out, I popped out for a 'Regal King Size Break' and spotted a rather curious looking red van driving around the car-park with non other than The Little Devils aka Yoko & Ray Qureshi together with Graeme Wheatley and Sara Shaw.


What a fantastic surprise! we had no idea they where showing up at the show! They were on their way from a show the previous night in Hartlepool to a show that evening in Warwickshire.
They delighted everyone with a fantastic impromptu set with Ray staying on and getting is guitar head well and truly on for a jam on a couple with us.
Checkout this fabulous band at www.littledevilmusic.com 


  1. Hey i just ended up to this site while doing a research. I just came across your blog I liked it a lot. Will be joining to see what more you have to offer!

  2. Great to see such big crowd gathered around your group. Its really encouraging to see a lot of people appreciating and enjoying your company. Keep spreading smiles and happiness around.